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An Ecommerce Solution That Goes Beyond the Storefront

Our newest, easy to use, modular Ecommerce System includes features not found in traditional Ecommerce solutions.

Custom Website Design A problem, common to many current Ecommerce Systems, has to do with the product page. Search engines use page titles and descriptions to help them figure out what the page is about. Take a look at many Ecommerce systems and you'll find that all of the product pages have the same title*. Worst of all, the title of the page isn't related to the product at all. The Ecommerce system developed by 355 Data Systems creates product pages with unique page titles and descriptions that describe the product.

The other problem, common to other Ecommerce Systems has to do with the content of the website itself. An Ecommerce website advertises your product and, as an advertisement, can be compared to other forms of print, radio or television advertising.

We realized that the problem with Ecommerce systems today is that they don't allow you, the website owner, to provide additional content to attract visitors. "People don't listen to radio, read newspapers and magazines or watch television for the commercials."

Custom Website Design This Ecommerce System solves this fundamental problem by providing easy to use ways for you to provide content that attracts visitors to the website. This content comes in the form of articles, newsletters, image galleries and user forums.

Our unique Ecommerce System makes adding articles, pictures or news easy. Because of the modular approach to this system you don’t have to use all of the features, but we have them available when they’re needed. Some clients use all features while others use only the image gallery.

The first module is a grouping of the sites "Main Pages".
These include the "Home" page, a "Contact Us" page, a "Guarantee" and a "Privacy Policy" if needed. The ecommerce system includes a unique custom banner and page lay out.

The second module is an image gallery.
The image gallery is a place on the site for you to add text and images designed to attract website visitors. By adding pictures and descriptions to your website on a regular basis, visitors will always see something new and will want to visit your site again and again. Also, one of the factors that search engines use in determining the order of their results is the quantity of other links that point to the page. Each picture added creates a new Internet page with links to your home page and products. This moves these pages closer to number one in the search engine listings.

The third module "News and Articles" is also included with the ecommerce system.
Using the news and articles module, you are free to add new pages to the website in the form of informative articles, press releases or upcoming events. In the case of the "Cat Posters" website, Articles about how to care for cats or prevention of health problems common to cats could be posted. These articles increase the amount of targeted traffic to the website as well as "Brand" the author as an expert in this field.

Along with articles, the News and Articles module allows you to send out a newsletter. The newsletter interface is easy to use and similar to a word processor. When the newsletter is sent, the website will automatically email it to all website users who have created accounts and opted to receive the newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with customers and website visitors.

A "User Forum" is the fourth module in the Ecommerce System.
A user forum can create hundreds or thousands of pages for your website in a very short amount of time. What's best of all, you don't create most of this content. Your website visitors create it. Our "Cat Posters" company could create a user forum for "Cat Breeds" (22,795 searches) with subcategories for "Persian Cat" (20,296 searches) and "Siamese Cat" (19,670 searches). You can even create a forum for "Bengal Cat" (15,827 searches). Visitors post their questions, comments and thoughts to these forums and when they do, new pages are added to the website with links to your product pages and home page.

The final module is the Ecommerce "Store Front".
Easy to use web pages allow you to add unlimited numbers of product categories, subcategories and product pages to your site. When customers click "add to cart" on one of these product pages, the item is automatically stored in their shopping cart. At check out, shipping costs are automatically added to the total and the customer is given a chance to review the order. After the payment is processed, the website lets you know that it's ok to deliver the item.

A unique feature of the Storefront is the ability to give one customer a discount based on other customers that they refer to your site. To enable referral discounts, enter how much of a discount you would like to give (dollar amount or percentage) and how much the referred customer has to spend before granting the discount. For instance, you could give a $1.00 discount for each referred customer that spends over $15.00. Let's say that one of your customers, Joe, refers 30 of his friends and 15 of them buy a Cat Poster for $15.00. Because of Joe, you have sold 15 Cat Posters for $225.00 and Joe now has $15.00 in discounts that he can use toward a future purchase.

With its many unique features, "search engine friendly" design and low cost, this easy to use system allows businesses of any size to expand their market and reach additional customers.

* The pages title is located at the very top of the browser window. This pages title is "An Ecommerce Solution That Goes Beyond the Storefront."

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